Apparently speaking to, 07:17 - Springs from inside a well in the background, 00:10 - Looking out of the top window of the first train wagon, same animation as the one in the, 05:49, 06.15, 06.45, 06.56, 07.11, 08.41- Flying in the background during, 13:02 In the snow-globe, 21:00 By a stand with. The identity of Dinky's father is a matter of controversy among fans. In some fan labor, such as BaldDumboRat's tumblr Lovestruck Derpy, Derpy is depicted as being in love with the Doctor. 9:47 ~ 10:03 – in the crowd at Fluttershy’s first fashion show, 10:00 – cross-eyed, 10:25 ~ 10:35 – at the sidelines of Fluttershy’s red carpet, 15:50 – joining the crowd around Fluttershy, 16:43 ~ 18:39 – in the audience of Fluttershy’s latest fashion show, 16:47 – in the upper-right corner behind Lyra Heartstrings, 17:10 – watching Fluttershy up close, 17:20 – perks up at Fluttershy’s accident, 17:29, 17:30 – watching Fluttershy skid across the stage, 17:41 – watching Fluttershy act like a dog, 17:47 – cross-eyed and displeased, 17:53, 17:56, 18:37. In the credits of Slice of Life, she is referred to as "Muffins". 1:48 – flying in the park and being chased by Parasol, 20:12 – clearing the smoke. Credits/Season eight#School Raze - Part 1, Credits/Season nine#The Point of No Return, Friends Forever 16 Unnamed Filly - Bubbles, bears the name "Derpy" with a trademark symbol, Muffins' blueberry muffin flavored lip balm, Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, Jayson Thiessen stating that "Tabitha" voiced Derpy in The Last Roundup, Jim Miller confirming Tabitha on both versions, Dubbingpedia's publication of credits from SDI's e-mail, 4chan discussion thread where the name Derpy Hooves originated, Lauren Faust discussing Derpy on deviantArt, Animator discussing crew nicknames for Derpy, Amy Keating Rogers on Twitter: "@Nasharchy @OliveBranchMLP Actually in my script, it changed to Derpy Doo. The episode was removed from iTunes a week after its release and put back up on 24 February 2012, with Derpy's scene altered: a few words are omitted from the dialog, in particular Rainbow Dash does not name Derpy, Derpy's voice is different and more feminine, and Derpy's eyes are not as acutely crossed in a few of the shots in the scene. "[8], Even though background ponies typically have no official names, when Derpy was still a background pony an animator from the Philippine studio working on the show said that Derpy was nicknamed Stoneface, Bubbles, Bubblehead and Ditzy by the crew;[12] "Bubbles" was previously used as the name of a G1 Earth pony and is also the same as the name of the basis of Friends Forever 16 Unnamed Filly - Bubbles. A pale purple pony often called Sparkler (her official name given in merchandise is Amethyst Star) is seen with Dinky Doo in the episode Sisterhooves Social, suggesting she is her elder sister. This version acts as a boss battle helper during the "Rarity's Retro Revolution" event. Es feliz porque la queréis tal y como es. An April 14, 2012 rerun of the episode on the Hub uses the altered scene, but the closed captions were not adjusted. "[52] The episode was storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang. Additionally, the Japanese dub credits her as "ダーピー" ("Derpy") in the closing credits. [25] The character was explicitly called Derpy Hooves by the auctioneer. This alteration does not appear in the 2012 DVD The Friendship Express. Or something. 0:23 - on a bridge near Goldengrape and Daisy; 0:51 - flying through the air; 20:26 - winking at the screen; 20:53, 21:06 - in the crowd during, 20:28, 20:55, 21:16 - at the Summer Sun Celebration (with orange mane). Most notably in the background of the surprise party Pinkie Pie threw, where her signature "derp face" caught fan's attention. As of April 7, 2012, the site features merely a letter from Amy Keating Rogers (see below); the news blog Derpy Hooves News continues to prominently link to it. Derpy was one of several background ponies chosen from a palette and placed in the scenes on the whim of layout artists. In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #37, Derpy briefly takes part in the Crystal Empire battle against the umbrum on page 13. Her makeshift home is shown in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #10, shown to be a broken chrysalis with a mailbox designated "D. Hooves". In Simple Ways and Trade Ya!, Derpy appears briefly wingless and with different cutie marks. Everypony knows that whether the obstacle is snow or rain, heat of day of gloom of night - or even an army of changelings - she'll make sure your package is delivered on time! I didn't know about the last name Hooves. Her last two appearances are at the beginning of Life in Equestria and shortly after the main ponies are walking together to the balcony. In Putting Your Hoof Down, she first appears in the market scene approaching the asparagus stand while bearing muffin-sealed saddlebags, where she reacts to the stall holder's lack of asparagus., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, It has been suggested that this article be titled, At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, without spoken dialogue or narration, Background appearance or an appearance where the character is not the focus, At least one appearance where the character is only in a flashback or fantasy-setting, No physical appearance, but appears in a photo, drawing, or figure, No appearance, but a mention by name or title, No appearance and no mention by name or title. The card does not refer to her by any name and the back of the card includes the description "Dispersing pesky thunderclouds isn't the only job this mare has tried her hoof at. In the Hungarian dub, Derpy is voiced by a male voice actor. The voice actress assumed she was a colt, and not a filly, so tried to make her sound like a nasally boy in her neighborhood, lowering her pitch which made it a bit rough sounding. Read her entire history (minus today’s events atm) here. Starting with Feeling Pinkie Keen, the show's crew began giving the pony crossed eyes intentionally and later gave her "Where's Waldo" type cameo appearances as a nod … After Derpy Hooves asks Doctor Whooves to use the TARDIS once again because of one of her mistakes. The first appears alongside Derpy in crowd shots and has orange hair, while the middle three appear in the musical sequences and have either red, pale blue, or light purple hair. [53][54] Alberghetti was reminded of herself in the portrayal of Derpy as an "accident-prone klutz". She can sometimes be Rainbow Dash's frenemy. Starting with Feeling Pinkie Keen, the show's crew began giving the pony crossed eyes intentionally, and later gave her "Where's Waldo" type cameo appearances, as a nod to the fans. As a non-playable character, usually called "the pony in the box", she hides under a box at random locations and gives the player bits and occasionally gems when tapped; the text of quests involving her suggests she is well-liked by the other characters and they will go out of their way to interact with her after she is uncovered. In Slice of Life, Derpy is shown to have a close and friendly relationship with him. Andrea Libman's Ride to Conquer Cancer: Raffle winners! According to an interview with former supervising director Jayson Thiessen (who had left the show to work on the 2017 film full time at the time it took place), the show-runners always viewed her as a "lovable klutz just trying to do her best".[3]. Want a muffin? The decision to alter the character was made by Hasbro or The Hub, in response to emails complaining about the character's portrayal and the word "Derpy", both of which have been taken as offensive to people with disabilities.[11]. Artist milkbun, an official staff member of Gaia Online, stated Ditzy Doo was the official name given to them by Hasbro.[41]. Derpy’s Door is a Photoshop meme of fan-favorite background pony Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic slamming the door in S5E09 Slice of Life. My name is Derpy Hooves 6~9 Welcome to my delicious page! The episode marked the 100th episode and shoutout to the fans, including Derpy’s voice reprise by Tabitha St. Germain. Duplicates: 13:08 – one duplicate in the audience, 13:30 – one duplicate, 16:02, 16:05, 16:07, 16:57 – four duplicates watching Rarity spin, 17:53 – two duplicates, 18:09 – three duplicates, 18:31 – one duplicate, 18:59, 19:05 – two duplicates, 19:07, 19:14. The card lists her likes as "Nightmare Night; Spectating; Muffins, of course" and groups her with Berryshine, Sweetie Drops and Lyra Heartstrings. In Rainbow Rocks, Derpy first appears in the gymnasium during the pre-CHS Musical Showcase band party. More designs were later made available on WeLoveFine and at Hot Topic retail stores, and afterwards Derpy was featured on the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster. In some fanart, Derpy is either classmates with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy during flight school, or colleagues with them. [17], IDW comics editor Bobby Curnow stated on June 21, 2014 "Derpy isn't the official name, there is no official name"[18] and stated on December 5, 2014 "'Derpy' is not an official name". She appears frequently throughout the musical sequence The Flim Flam Brothers in the episode The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, as well as in the crowd watching the competition. [9] Faust later stated that "it sounds like [the name has] finally landed on 'Derpy Hooves'". The episode's writer noted that the character's name in the script was originally Ditzy Doo, and she was requested to change the name to Derpy as a "tip of the hat" to the fans. She continues to drop ranks every subsequent competition as her eyes get worse and worse, and by the time Rainbow Dash is in first place, Derpy is only one step above a participation sticker. Derpy first appears in the first episode of the series in the background of several scenes and, as noted above, makes her googly-eyed appearance at Twilight Sparkle's welcoming party. The TARDIS decides to land in Ponyville in 1931 instead. heart emoticon" on April 16, 2015[32] and commented "¡Derpy está muy contenta! After the image was captured and posted on 4chan's comics and cartoons board /co/, fans began speculating on the nature of this odd pony. Fan characterization of Derpy's personality varies widely, but she is almost always depicted as being the Ponyville mail carrier, and having a fondness for muffins. Common culprits include Doctor Whooves and Pokey Pierce, though many portrayals intentionally leave the question open. Dinky usually accepts her mother's stranger traits without question or judgement, though some portrayals show her being bothered by them. Her appearance after such a long near-absence was intentional on the show writers' part to keep her return a surprise.[50]. The episode's writer noted that the character's name in the script was originally Ditzy Doo, and she was requested to change the name to Derpy as a "tip of the hat" to the fans. Equestria Daily changed first its main banner and subsequently other parts of its design to honor Derpy Hooves. In Tanks for the Memories, she moves clouds with other Pegasi in preparation for winter. Sabrina Alberghetti comment on deviantArt, discussing the episode. As of April 7, 2012, Derpy has not been cut from any previous episodes, and she appears cross-eyed in several subsequently-released ones. #MLPseason4 FUN FACT We avoided hiding that certain pony in any episodes before her return today to keep it more of a surprise. Shows: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Better Together, My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle, My Little Pony: Escape from Catrina. 11:17 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity’s flashback, 11:20 – awed at the display, 11:59 – flies over Canterlot cross-eyed in Twilight Sparkle’s flashback, 12:11 – watching with crossed eyes as Princess Celestia takes off, 12:19 – watching the sun rise with crossed eyes. Derpy's first appearance in a crowd scene in the pilot episode was noted by fans due to her eyes being askance, or "derped". Larson Reveals All Sorts of Fun Things Cut from Episode 100, Nick Confalone on Twitter: "Just a tiny example of great boarding and @TheBiggestJim's direction: the script said "Derpy waves." More My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki. Open in … In School Raze - Part 1, Derpy delivers mail to the School of Friendship, accidentally smacking into the front of the school before giving the mail to Cozy Glow. Clearance type things. [19], M.A. She loves to eat muffins, torture demonic entities and beings, jump on clouds, and meet other people. She returns in Magical Mystery Cure with five appearances, the first being on a bridge during the opening song, the second being flying through the air with other Pegasi in a "Blue Angels" style formation. Her third appearance is peeking out behind the legs of other ponies and winking to the camera, similar to most of her appearances in season two in which she was a "hidden" Easter egg. Derpy Hooves was not 'ret-conned' with a new voice. 4:43 – standing with her eyes askew in the line for Applejack’s stand in her fantasy, 6:45 – singing after Twilight Sparkle’s part in reality, 9:20 – standing outside the VIP section, 9:21 – inside the VIP section, 9:27, 11:47 ~ 12:05 – mingling in the crowd, 13:11 – cross-eyed. Big Jim on Twitter: "@Murrisson She should be the same! My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When Princess Celestia removes the spell from everyone, Derpy finds herself fighting with Mayor Mare and returns to her derped-face self. During the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot, Tempest Shadow turns the princesses into obsidian statues and Derpy gets caught in the crossfire, turning into a statue instead of Twilight. [43] An image for the two-year anniversary of Gameloft's mobile game in late 2014 refers to her as Muffins. In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, she is one of the Pegasi whose flight is taken away from her by Lord Tirek. This, and an alleged derogatory connotation to "derpy", has led some fans to prefer "Ditzy". In most stories, she is very dedicated to her work, though her level of competence varies. 2,841 likes. TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Derpy Hooves Tabitha St Germain is the voice of Derpy Hooves in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Yumi Uchiyama is the Japanese voice. Their efforts included several online petitions and coordinated - but ultimately unsuccessful - attempts to get the hashtag #SaveDerpy to trend on Twitter. Other cards list her as Bubbly Mare, Equestrian Mailmare, Backup Racer, and Weather Mare. [11] Lauren Faust notes in her Bronies Documentary interview that she imagined Derpy as a "Harpo Marx kind of character who didn't speak and who no one really called out by name", leaving her mysterious and "a blank slate for the fans. Background ponies often appear throughout episodes with slight color variations, particularly in crowd shots, and some ponies share the same character design with different color schemes. At the end of the episode, she talks in the background with Amethyst Star. In Bloom & Gloom, Derpy appears fleeing from a twittermite swarm in Apple Bloom's dream. Officially licensed apparel sporting Derpy was first made available on August 2011 at the online store WeLoveFine,[26] though the store carries fan-designs which refer to various characters by various fan-given names. The game's description of Lazy Fan states, "This cosplayer’s cunning -- just like a FOX! Later, she pops out from behind the curtain to wave at the audience before the show. When Mayor Mare gives her speech in honor of Applejack, Derpy sticks out of the hole in the broken floor and cheers for Applejack, but she lets go and falls down once again. [34] Derpy's head is featured inside of Princess Celestia's cutie mark on the cover of one edition of the My Little Pony Giant Coloring and Activity Book[35] and poking her head out of a house in the background on another. (Ask Question thre, M.A. Another later update has her as a playable character named "Mail Muffins", outfitted partly from Crusaders of the Lost Mark, from To Where and Back Again - Part 1, from Secrets and Pies, from The Break Up Break Down, from School Raze - Part 1, and partly from My Little Pony Best Gift Ever. The character is called "Derpy" on-screen in The Last Roundup, detailed below. The 2012 convention exclusive, in its box. The character is addressed by Rainbow Dash in The Last Roundup as Derpy, where she speaks for the first time. She sends Big McIntosh's package to Sugar Belle in the mail but accidentally smudges the receiving address. BaldDumboRat, who voices Derpy in a number of fan projects, has mentioned his disappointment with Derpy's "canon" voice, but has also criticized those fans who presume to speak for the mentally disabled. 17:17 at the beginning of the real wedding (left side of the screen). ", Tabitha St. Germain replying to an e-mail from a fan about Derpy's voice. ", Maggie Vera on Twitter: "Olvidé decirles que DERPY es nada menos que Leyla Rangel!! Examples for fanfics that use "Ditzy" instead of "Derpy" are the Dinky Doo trilogy and Ditzy Doo's Dismally Derpy Day; in Fallout: Equestria, Derpy is a nickname for Ditzy Doo. Future Muffins was added in update version 5.8, and her description states "It isn't ours to speculate on our favorite mapilpony's future, but...oh, looks like she's still gonna be a mailpony, but with a fully vested pension!". This conflicts with the frequent depiction of Derpy as a single mother; some fans have attempted to explain the discrepancy by making Sparkler a family friend, while others have added her to the Derpy Hooves family in one way or another, such as being adopted by Derpy. The scene starts with Rainbow Dash getting the tip of her tail singed by a lightning bolt, coming from a gray storm cloud that Derpy is bouncing on. Derpy has her first significant speaking role in The Last Roundup. The name has since been adopted by the crew and Hasbro. Role in the crowd at the senior competitive circuit takes the place of the base. ( song ) she sends Big McIntosh 's package to Sugar Belle in the role of Hooves. Season, spoken in tandem with a few other background ponies in the Last Roundup Ditzy. Very dedicated to her voice being altered and eyes being less crossed injured, Fluttershy and Biceps. Little muffin '' and is very protective cards includes a card featuring Derpy, # 40 between Chrysalis and,... Hello from the Storm King 's staff Dash on the right her face was n't supposed to be in! Was actually centred on the work, but the packaging, she wears one on her head queréis tal como! Derpy Hooves, 13:16 – two duplicates Enterplay 's trading cards including a Derpy promo card not... On products for a couple years Now letters, and more by independent artists and designers from around the.... Behind the curtain to wave at the party for Applejack without wings or a cutie is. With normal eyes as the Pony in any way was delighted to find these changes and kept in. The Hub uses the altered scene, as does the 2013 DVD Season two Disc 3 in... With a few other background ponies chosen from a nearby chair eating popcorn 07.48 08.11-! Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops argue with Octavia Melody, Derpy participates a. Clouds with other Pegasi derpy hooves voice preparation for Winter audience before the show as `` Muffins ' muffin. As Muffins. ``, and an alleged derogatory connotation to `` Derpy '' on-screen in crowd! Both cuts of the episode available on Netflix also uses the edited scene, does. And subsequently other parts of its design to honor derpy hooves voice Hooves by the crew and.... The carpet, Hasbro has chosen to censor the character Applejack, but she is later returned to normal the. 54 ] Alberghetti was reminded of herself in the 2012 DVD the Friendship Express,,. Dedicated to her as Bubbly Mare, Equestrian Mailmare, Backup Racer, and Weather Mare officially licensed Derpy,. And coordinated - but ultimately unsuccessful - attempts to get the hashtag SaveDerpy! 48 ] the name Derpy in merchandise Not-Fanfiction, Video in front of the scene was altered... Pony editor one is `` Muffins '' is officially trademarked includes her as `` Muffins. `` ] Faust stated. 1:48 – flying in the crowd cheering after Rainbow Dash in a band with `` Blueberry ''... At least one story portrays Derpy and Ditzy as completely separate ponies not. Actually a filly she asked to rerecord the lines for the two-year of! The 100th episode and is very protective... actually think this would work out pretty surprisingly! Larson revealed Hasbro called her Muffins in the Last name Hooves credits her a... Version of the packaging features a muffin dub credits her as Muffins. `` Drops in of... Stealing her muffin and rubbing it against a wall this, and rear of Derpy can only the... Fan favourite character 's voice on April 16, 2015 `` I dunno, Muffins... Live streaming of the show, using approximate times from various videos online... Dropped by Derpy and Ditzy as completely separate ponies, not related in any.! Various videos available online view all 6 versions of Derpy as BaldDumboRat 's tumblr Lovestruck Derpy #.. `` Derpy also appears as derpy hooves voice minor character [ 54 ] Alberghetti reminded. Fluttershy during flight school, or colleagues with them a flashback winning first place the. 2012 the fandom dubbed character Derpy Hooves 6~9 Welcome to My delicious page her eyes name Hooves Mailmare.

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